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In the wake of the partnership that was successful with Games By Malcs, Pfeiffer says he's looking forward to RS Gold working more work with indie developers around the world , especially if they're creating project that "align with RuneScape's design philosophy and Jagex's fundamental values" And he hopes Melvor Idle's success can inspire more indies to reach out to Jagex Studios.

With version 1.0 of Melvor Idle available, Games By Malcs and Jagex are working on new content, and future titles that could be set in Melvor. Melvor universe. Malcolm is thankful to Jagex for its constant support, particularly when it concerns bringing new players into the game.

"They are also great in making sure that the game will reach more players than I'd have had the chance to reach by myself and also players from the RuneScape community, and even over the horizon," the player says. "With the launch of the full version in the near future, I'm excited collaboration with Jagex on making Melvor Idle an even greater success, as well as on future projects."

Echoes of Yore is the name of the MMORPG that is coming out by indie developer Gellyberry Studios. This is supposed to be reminiscent of old classics like RuneScape or Tibia and it is played in iso-perspective. The focus is on osrs cheap gold for sale discovering the art of crafting, creating your own home and taking risks in dark dungeons.

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